It is the industry leader in paint protection and is a serious game changer in the auto detailing world. Ceramic Pro has a full line of products meeting every surface protection need. Their flagship product is Ceramic Pro 9H, a heavy duty, permanent protective coating. This product has a glossy, hydrophobic finish allowing water and other liquids to easily bead off the surface. Ceramic Pro protects paint from scratches, rock chips, insect acids, bird droppings, road salt, dirt and tree sap. The protective finish not only protects the paint but makes washing incredible easy. Dirt and grime easily slide off the surface and aggressive scrubbing isn’t required. Other products in the Ceramic Pro lineup include: Ceramic Pro Rain (hydrophobic coating for windshields and windows), Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper (protection for calipers and wheels), Ceramic Pro Light (durable, protective coating), Ceramic Pro Sport (glossy, hydrophobic coating) and lastly, Ceramic Pro Leather and Ceramic Pro Textile for interior protection. Whether you’re interested in an entry level package or looking for permanent protection with a lifetime warranty, there’s a Ceramic Pro package for you!