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We understand that ceramic protection is an expensive investment for you, that's why we offer an In house performance guarantee! We have personally tested every coating we offer and know that they work for the life expectancy they are rated. We stand behind our coatings 100%. Contact us for details on our in house guarantee.


Ceramic coatings offer a thick hard wearing ceramic film layer to provide superior abrasion resistance, UV protection, high repair value and preservation for the vehicle’s paint system. Ceramic coatings are not a wax or sealant that will wash away or break down over a short time instead the ceramic will bond with the factory paint system to become a sacrificial layer that will not delaminate or discolor. A single layer can measure up to 2 microns in thickness and multi layers can build overall surface thickness for thin or soft paint systems. Unlike any other paint protection products 1 layer of ceramic can measure more than a 100 times thicker than a wax or sealant application measuring less than 0.02 microns. This bonding process will also strengthen the vehicles paint system to provide higher surface tension and superior durability to the existing surface.

This allows to effectively absorb damage that would otherwise affect the factory paint layers. Unlike traditional waxes or sealants that must be reapplied within weeks or months ceramic coating durability can be measured in years with a single or multi layer application and proper maintenance. The durability of a ceramic coating will deliver the best paint protection the market has to offer and also provide guarantee options for those who want a peace of mind in their vehicle investment. With years of experience and hundreds of applications from numerous coating brands we have discovered and achieved some of the best ceramic chemistry the industry has to offer for every clients budget.


Most ceramic coating brands currently on the market are easily obtainable through the internet. However being a well seasoned authorized installer allows us to filter the market for clients from consumer level brands and imitation. So always check the business and technicians credentials to insure quality and product integrity. To perform the ceramic coating application we start with a high quality prep wash followed by an extremely detailed multi-stage paint decontamination process to remove all surface contaminants as this will help insure a smooth and healthy paint system. The paint is further inspected for surface defects then measured for thickness to continue with a safe customized pad and product combination to produce a high gloss and defect free finish. All delicate areas of concern on a vehicle are handled with a high level of care and protected to provide quality results.

The paint correction process usually includes multiple stages of polishing to reach the agreed expectations of the client. After the paint is brought to expected standards all the polishing oils are stripped to best insure the bonding of the preferred coating to the clear coat surface. At this point one or more layers of the ceramic coating are applied to brand specifications. This kind of service takes special care and requires a vetted technician for that proper care. The application process for a ceramic coating can also apply to all the exterior glass, rims and different trim types!!


Abrasion and Swirl Resistance
Years of Protection and UV Protection
Long Term Gloss Retention
Super Hydrophobic Properties Help Release Dirt and Water
Protects Against Bird Bombs, Bugs, Harsh Element Damage
Builds Up Paint Thickness and Hardness
Highly Chemical Resistant
Helps Strengthen Paint Surface
Guarantee Options
Easier to Clean and Stays Clean Longer
Damage Absorbing
High Heat Resistance

Professional Ceramic Coating Services by Perfection Plus of Oregon

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PERFECTION PLUS AUTO DETAILING was the first shop in Deschutes County to pioneer and offer automotive ceramic coating protection since 2013. We have a reputation for always providing innovative services and this was an evolution of chemistry for automotive protection that we made sure to offer as the most relevant way to protect and preserve a vehicle. Since our first ceramic application we have had the opportunity to work with over 15 different coating brands from across the world to fully understand the chemistry and application process that offers the best overall results to benefit consumer expectations.

With so many premium coating options to choose from we made an educated decision based on the best demographic performance forfor our central Oregon climate. In our experience with ceramic coating testing we chose a unique ceramic chemistry that would allow for fewer layers to achieve ultimate durability without having to apply multiple layers which can be very costly to the client. We have experienced all levels of performance failure for many reasons and from multiple brands due to our aggressive in house testing. This necessary issue of failure has allowed us to understand the best solutions for these types of issues and have a solid understanding of what ceramic chemistry is best for all vehicle care habits. We also provide maintenance options to help promote the longevity and performance of the ceramic coating as this is recommended to achieve the years of durability the ceramic brand offers.

With having over 500 documented ceramic coating applications we are industry recognized as true ceramic coating specialist in providing a high level of integrity in every application. Years of continued education from multiple ceramic coating networks involving some of the most advanced installers in the industry and being a authorized training center we have grown to be the go to shop for quality automotive detailing, paint correction and ceramic coating applications. This level of service should only be performed by a well seasoned ceramic coating installer as someone new to installing ceramic coatings may cause costly damage to a vehicles finish.

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